Mission Statement

guzmãn|prüfer, inc. is a general practice of architecture and design.  Our firm promotes the premise that the original and individual expression of the architect is enriched by a synthesis of multiple contextual, cultural and social forces.  A design process can undertake to explore, illuminate and reach consensus on the elements that make us all unique and then create a framework for appropriately expressing that in the architecture.  This is in stark contrast to other architecture firms that work with only one pallet or style.  Good design has the power to enhance the quality of people’s lives and the viability of the places they share.

Intensely committed to individual project success, our firm aspires to: 


    Be intellectually curious, open-minded, and fair in all dealings;


    Reason and engage deeply with complex ideas and issues;


    Act effectively within diverse cultural and social frameworks;


    Identify and build upon the client’s vision for the project;


    Demonstrate strong project management leadership, building teamwork amongst all project participants;


    Advance the technical aspects of how buildings get put together;


    Produce sound construction documents with sufficient detail for the builder to properly execute the building construction;


    Invest in the professional development of our firm’s employees;


    Serve society with integrity, respect and compassion while remaining a financially stable business entity.

guzmãn|prüfer, inc. five powderhouse lane sherborn, ma 01770 tel 508.655.3166 fax 508.590.0277 email: info@guzman-prufer.com